Sunday, August 18, 2013

NorthStar News.........

 Here are a few reminders from NorthStar........

  • Wednesday night services for Preschool through High School at NorthStar are in full swing starting at 6:30pm!
  • Due to construction, we are pushing back our Partnership Class to September 15th at 9:30am. If you have already registered there is no need to re-register.
  • Life is better connected. To join a group, come to Groupconnect on August 25th at 6:30pm. Groupconnect is a 1 hour event where you can meet people in a similar stage of life and area of town with the goal of forming a LifeGroup. That may sound a little intimidating, but you won’t be alone and it will be worth it. A host and plenty of staff members and volunteers will be on hand to navi-gate you through the process of meeting others and forming a group.
  • Experience God's heart for all peoples and encounter the momentum of the World Christian Movement. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is offering an interdenominational, intense missions class at Two Rivers Church on Thursday evenings, August 22-December 5 from 6:30-9:30. There will be a free orientation class on August 15th. For more information visit
  • KARM’s Corners of Your Field (COYF) Program from Lev. 19:9-10 is a great opportunity to help Knoxville’s less fortunate as well as those in need at NorthStar! When donating your excess goods, if you choose to donate to KARM Thrift Store, let them know you go to NorthStar, and they will give recurring voucher credits to NorthStar. Those credits would then be given to those in need in our own body to shop at KARM Thrift Stores.

For more information visit.........

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