Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mar 2013 Sometimes the most important decision is no decision

Ladies, I wanted to share this blog article from one of my favorite Christian leaders, Glynnis Whitwer.  This is an incredible reminder and tip in keeping the Lord in the middle of our busy and chaotic lives.  Be Blessed!   - Kim D.

Have you ever had one of those seasons when you feel like a tsunami has swept wave after wave of deadlines, problems and needs over you? With no break in between waves?

That’s been the last four months for me.

Rather than make a list (which might sound like I’m soliciting sympathy or bragging about how busy my life has been), suffice it to say,  I’ve had more big deadlines, more family needs and more ministry demands than ever in my life.

Last Thursday I met the final deadline in the series of deadlines I’d been facing.  Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday were breathing days for me.  I drove across town and took my college son to Costco, took my mom to lunch (Korean BBQ) did loads of laundry and spent Sunday worshiping and enjoying time with my family.

Now today, I wanted to connect with you.  :-)

I often write about managing your schedule so you don’t live chronically like I’ve done the past four month.  But sometimes situations are completely out of your control.  And that’s pretty much what happened to me.

Sometimes things happen and we step up to the plate.  We set aside one set of priorities for another.  We depend more on God’s grace, wisdom and strength than ever before.  We don’t want to always live in this desperate place, but sometimes it happens.  Hopefully we learn some things in the midst of it, and that’s what I want to share with you today.  Here’s one important lesson I’ve learned:
When life feels like a tsunami – with wave after wave hitting you and no break -  the best decision is often no decision.
Here’s what I mean by that. When I get overwhelmed, my emotions get in a jumbled mess.  I’m usually tired.  Cranky. Frustrated.  And annoyed. My normal logical processing shorts out.
If I make a decision in the midst of that chaos, it’s not normally based on truth.  Therefore, it’s not usually the wisest choice for me.

So, when when my worlds collide, I hold off on big decisions.

I don’t quit any responsibility.  I don’t add any responsibility.

And I don’t respond to people until I can do so in love.  I will often save emails in draft for a few days.

But what I will do is draw in closer to God.  Retreat for moments.  Focus on one verse.  Ask for wisdom.  Ask for peace. God and I have a running conversation. I’ve learned  in those demanding seasons, my heart can stray from where I really want it to be.  And I want it to be here:

  • Grounded in truth.
  • Secure in God’s love.
  • Relying on His strength and wisdom, not mine.

We all have these crazy seasons.  Especially when our lives are interconnected with others, and we are walking out the Gospel to live with an obedient and servant’s heart.  Sometimes we get ourselves into these messes and sometimes God has a really big job and calls us into a demanding season. 

Either way.  It’s good to have some principles for life during those times.

One of mine is to not make decisions based on the chaos of the moment. I’ve avoided a lot of regrets with this principle.

What are some principles you live by when life gets crazy?  I’d love to hear from you.

In His love,

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