Monday, October 29, 2012

Daily Bible Study Tips

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Find­ing time to study scrip­ture every­day is a vital part of the Chris­t­ian life, but it is also the one thing that tends to get left off of our busy agen­das first.

I am a busy woman myself! I once had a friend ask me, “Have you ever heard the acronym “B.U.S.Y.” Being Under Satan’s Yoke?”


Don’t let busy­ness steal your joy in the Lord! Here are a few quick tips to keep your Bible open dur­ing the busy sum­mer months, and mak­ing Bible study time a priority!

•Set up an “unbreak­able” date with the Lord. Find a time each day when you can count on a lit­tle quiet time. It doesn’t have to be a long period of time. For moth­ers it’s usu­ally either morn­ings or nap time. Keep the place where you study con­sis­tent. This keeps you from hav­ing to pick a place each day and keeps you famil­iar with your sur­round­ings. It elim­i­nates poten­tial distractions.

•Make your­self a Bible study bas­ket or bag. Put things in it that you need for your study time. A Bible, a com­men­tary of your choice, high­lighters, pen, note­book, and any­thing else that you need for that time (includ­ing tea bags if you want to sip tea while you study!) This way you are not wast­ing pre­cious time hunt­ing down what you need and you can spend that time studying.

•If you do not have a struc­tured study to do, decide on a par­tic­u­lar book you would like to look at over the sum­mer. For exam­ple you could do a sum­mer­time trea­sure hunt in the book of Psalms where you mind­fully look each day at a chap­ter or two and record the attrib­utes of God that you find.

•Start your study time off with prayer, and keep a small jour­nal of your prayers and answers you receive! This can be a huge source of encour­age­ment later for you and your family!

•Use a 3-question bible study method. Read the pas­sage you intend to study all the way through at least once (twice is always good). 1. Ask your­self the fol­low­ing ques­tions the sec­ond time through: a. What are the facts? b. Answer the who, what where and when ques­tions. Only draw from the facts. 2. What can I learn from this pas­sage? Is there a les­son, prin­ci­ple or and exam­ple to fol­low? 3. How can I prac­ti­cally apply this les­son to my life? What can I do today to change things? Instead of say­ing some­thing like “I’ll pray more.” You want to get spe­cific and say “I will wake up 10 min­utes ear­lier each morn­ing to pray longer.” Be specific!

Remem­ber that we meet the Lord in scrip­ture and prayer. His Word is His Rev­e­la­tion of Him­self! Don’t fall for the temp­ta­tion of study­ing your Bible 『later.』 Study it today and each day so that your “week­days” through the sum­mer are not, well, “weak days!”

by: Claire Shackelford Claire began writing when she found herself attached to the Army at the hip—at one point her husband and two sons were serving. It was then she began writ­ing about her jour­ney through sep­a­ra­tions and deployments from a Christian perspective. She never faced deploy­ment with her hus­band, but she has been through 2 now with her old­est son. Claire holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and she serves as a ministry leader with Christian Military Wives as well as on the Board of Directors for Christian Military Fellowship.

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