Sunday, June 24, 2012

NT Sanity - Week 1 Review

Introduction: Each week during the NT SANITY 60 Day Challenge the discussion guide will raise questions from the previous week’s reading.

Key Scriptures: Matthew and Ephesians (all)

Discussion Questions:

1. Look over Matthew 3. John the Baptist is known as “the forerunner of Christ” as his ministry was all about pointing people toward the time of Christ on earth. How are we to be like John the Baptist? In what ways can we “prepare the way” for Christ’s second coming?

2. Read Matthew 5: 13-16. Jesus calls us salt and light in a dark and tasteless world. His sacrifice exchanges our worthlessness for great worth in Him. Because we have been charged with this responsibility to represent Christ, what does it look like for us to be salt and light?

3. In Matthew 9:35-38 there were many people following and crowding around Jesus, yet he says here that the workers are few. He was comparing spreading the gospel to farming in saying that there was a lot of work that needed to be done, but there were not many willing to help. What is the difference between “in the crowd” around Jesus and being a worker sent out into the field? How can we learn to give rather than always taking in?

4. How are we like the religious leaders in Matthew 16:1-4? Do we look for miraculous signs from God as if He owes us something instead of looking back and seeing his continual and unyielding faithfulness? How can we look more to who God is and what he is already doing rather than what He can give us or do for us?

5. What (or who) is the only means mentioned in Ephesians 3:12 by which we can approach God freely and confidently? How often do we take this opportunity for granted?

Moving Forward: This week be intentional about not taking what you have been given for granted. Also, keep up with the NT Sanity reading plan and saturate your life with the Word.

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