Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Review

By: Christine @ Bible Cafe for Women

One book destined for the bestseller list this year is the book Courageous, Honor Begins at Home by Randy Alcorn, with Alex Kenderick and Stephen Kenderick, creators of the Love Dare and Fireproof. The story centers on a group of law enforcement officers who spend their life fighting the drug culture. As the officers battle crime, they begin to share their inner struggles and connect through a discussion based on faith.

One common interest all the men have is fatherhood. Some men are fathers,some men were abandoned by their fathers, and some men in the group neglected their children. Each man examines his fatherhood experience and they discover something missing in their past and present lives. The men propose a Resolution and a new model for fatherhood.

From the beginning pages, I found this book exciting and filled with adventure. The chapters are loaded with battling drug crimes, crossing the line in law enforcement, and managing emotions at home. Randy Alcorn writes with detailed imagery and keeps the story moving in a captivating manner. This book was enjoyable to read and often I did not want to put it down.

Quotes from the Book Courageous
  • God offers you a gift but it’s not yours until you accept it.
  • Any fool can father a child, but it takes courage to be a child’s father.
  • If we could be good enough to get to heaven on our own, Jesus wouldn’t have had to take our punishment.
  • You will not be able to remain courageous without the help of God Almighty.
  • No child should have to die because he’s inconvenient.
  • Some things remain temptations as long as we keep them near.
The Courageous movie is coming out this month and I expect it will be as popular as the Fireproof movie. You’ll want to read the book first, then sit back with your popcorn and enjoy the movie with your family or friends. You can find Courageous  bible study materials at
My Amazon Rating 5/5

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